Your words

Transformative is the word that best sums up time with Melanie.  Each session spent with Melanie transforms your thinking and over time you see that your perspective of your situation and your role in it has evolved to a much more holistic and strengthened sense of your ability and potential.

Having worked with her personally and as a stake holder for another member of our executive team, I’ve seen and felt the impact time spent in conversation with Melanie.  She is unlike any other coach I’ve worked with.  I recommend her for any team looking to evolve and elevate their contributions to one another and their business overall.

— Zoe Harte, VP HR

Entrepreneurship challenges me every day. With Melanie as my Executive Coach, I was able to reach for higher goals and expand my range of what was possible.

— Virginie Simon, Entrepreneur

I’ve know Melanie for many years and she is a very good listener. What amazes me is how she can ask the right questions after only a few minutes into a conversation.

— Yasmina Chitti,  Web Technologies Consultant

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