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We support Leaders, Executives and Entrepreneurs, helping you engage, make meaningful changes  and uncover your full potential.

Developing Leaders

We help our clients become better leaders and support them through a transformative journey towards more effectiveness. You will strengthen your leadership, cultivate a better self‑awareness and learn how to leverage your values, your strengths and your limiting beliefs (what is holding you back).

Our coaching process is three-folded:

  • Assessment:
    We work with the leaders and their sponsor (manager, HR) and define a tailored program with clear outcomes and specific milestones to measure success.
  • Coaching program:
    We offer a mix of in-person and over the phone sessions to accommodate your schedule.
  • Monitoring:
    Follow-up sessions are held with the sponsor on a regular basis.

Our typical executive coaching engagement is between 6 and 9 months.

Common individual coaching goals may include:

  • Transition into a new leadership role,
  • Developing high performance team,
  • Establishing an inspiring executive presence,
  • Improving management skills (effective communication, time management strategies, etc.)

Team Workshops

We partner with our clients to strengthen and help them flourish teams, inspire engagement and develop values & culture. Our workshops are custom-made for your organization.
They include group work, individual learning and an exclusive art workshop. “A picture is worth a thousand words”: we believe that exploring each other’s creativity gives a strong foundation to any team building.

Example of Program Outcomes:

  • Establish and leverage shared vision and values for team success
  • Develop powerful and effective communication: a path to higher performance



Meet Melanie, Founder



Photo credit: Frank Roesner


I believe that the ability to question ourselves, challenge our perspectives and welcome learning is what keep us vibrant.

I was born in France, blossomed as a teen in Morocco and lived and worked in 4 continents in 10 countries. International environment, multi-cultural teams and challenges: this is my comfort zone, where I find my energy and fulfillment.

I learned in my early 30s through working closely with CEOs and executive teams how personal development and inspiring leadership could be transformational. Through my Hi-Tech executive career, I had multiple opportunities to invest those insights and enjoy supporting the growth and success of the teams I was leading.
Eventually, I decided to redesign my own path and focus on what matters the most to me: supporting leaders and teams in becoming the best version of themselves.

Today, I am  a trained and certified co-active coach (CPCC, ACC).
I partner with Executive and Entrepreneurs and help them navigate complex situations & organizations, to achieve successful outcomes and higher performance goals.

When I am not coaching, I enjoy the beautiful San Francisco Bay, often sailing with my children and my husband.

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